Investment & Saving Seminar


A two hour fundamental Masterclass in Investment awareness designed in collaboration and support of the Bahrain Bourse to build and expand on fundamental knowledge of financial products, investment selection techniques, and investment strategies available to individuals and their companies.

Course Details

Knowledge and Understanding

On completion of this short program, attendees will be able to:

  • Develop an understanding of the roles, functions and players in the Global and Domestic capital markets,
  • Develop an understanding and knowledge of basic investment vehicles and products,
  • Define and understand a range of financial products such as equities, bonds and alternatives,
  • Identify the financial intermediaries that provide these products locally,
  • Describe the key responsibilities of the financial advisor,
  • Understanding the financial planning process and knowledge of the life cycle stages suitable for different investors,
  • Evaluate a range of financial planning options recognising the relevant risk factors,
  • Understanding the extent to which these risks can impact potential solutions for each client.

Intellectual Skills

On successful completion of this program attendees will be able to:

  • Gain the basic knowledge on how to make a sound quality investment decision,
  • Understand the potential risks involved in each type of asset class,
  • Enhance Awareness of key differences between each asset class and how this will differentiate between various types of investors,
  • Being aware of over investing in one or similar type of financial products.
  • What is Global Capital Markets
  • Functions of the Generic capital market
  • Financial Assets and Markets
  • Financial Products
  • Financial Planning and Advisory Process
  • Capital Markets - Middle East and Bahrain

How one invests depends on a number of factors, including how much time you have, how much involvement you want in the day-to-day management of your investments and, just as importantly, the complexity of your financial situation. Understanding the type of investor you are can help you determine what type of investment approach is best suited for you as you create a plan that reflects your comfort level and your financial goals.

This course thereby aims to target a broad spectrum of audience from Students to Individual investors, Novice Savers and/or investors and Small Business investors providing the basic knowledge of financial products and investment strategies.

Participants will attend a 2 hour session provided in English which will consist of a combination of lecture and case study (as per time limit) encouraged with class discussion. Lecture and short case study will address learning outcomes as stated above.

Duration:                   2 Hour Session

Start Date:                September 2017

Date:                         The course runs the 4th Saturday of each month

Programme Leader: Mrs. Neema Almoula

Status:                       Public Offering

Location:                   Bahrain Bourse auditorium

Fees:                          Free to the public



Neema Almoula


Lecturer, Banking and Finance


Griffith University, Queensland, Australia

MBA (International) Advanced

Double specialization in Accounting & Finance and HR & Industrial Relations


7 years of professional experience as Manager, Corporate Banking in credit risk analysis and relationship management of large local corporates and multinationals with HSBC, Bahrain.

Faculty experience of 4 years at BIBF in taking professional credit analysis and compliance courses such as Project/contract financing, Credit risk, Small business lending, Regulatory Compliance Program and Financial Advisory Program.

Extensive exposure in finance related research and analytical skills with management of all customer relationships within a banks portfolio, identify strong opportunities for increased share of wallet in asset growth and increase in income and cross sell of the Bank’s products.

1 year with E&Y as business analyst in risk management for Basel III implementation for banks primarily in operational risk.

2 years with Deloitte as an audit assistant prior to Masters Degree.

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